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Image of Cup, Kurinuki, No. 4

Cup, Kurinuki, No. 4

I designed this Kurinuki series like a timeless design for everyday use. They are, durable, unique and comfortable at the same time. Irregularity as the soul of Desert Spirit designs flows here as always.

The size of this cup is perfect for coffee, tea, sake, a small cappuccino or any hot or cold dessert.

Kurinuki items are hand carved out of a clump of clay. Pour-patterning on a hand-carved surface is what gives a unique look to each piece.

Maintenance: All works are essentially unique and will always carry the traces of the artist's hands and tools with them like a sculptural artwork. Therefore, carefully handling the item and washing with hands are highly recommended.

Material: stoneware ceramic

Average Dimensions:
H: 6cm
D: 7.5cm

Weight: 147 grm

capacity: 65ml

Are you are interested in a set:
While each piece is unique, any combination of them makes a perfect set. So please choose among several dedicated posts! :)

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Image of Cup, Kurinuki, No. 4
Image of Cup, Kurinuki, No. 4
Image of Cup, Kurinuki, No. 4
Image of Cup, Kurinuki, No. 4