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Image of Jewellery dish
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Jewellery dish

You can use these small dishes for jewellery or even for dry food. This limited series has a peacfull matte green-blue glaze.

There is no two dishes the same. When finding yours, pay attention to the matte or glossy glaze and choose the number from the last photo!

For this series of Kurinuki, I decided to have parallel lines and patterns instead of random and rough textures in order to create elegant little containers for valuable objects such as jewels.
Kurinuki is a slow pace technique from Japan's old days. Kurinuki items are sculpted out of a clump of clay through a meditative hand-carving.

Maintenance: All works are essentially unique and will always carry the traces of the artist's hands and tools with them like a sculptural artwork. Therefore, carefully handling the item, washing with hands and not putting in microwave is highly recommended.

Material: Stoneware ceramic, porcelain

Average Dimension:

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Image of Jewellery dish
Image of Jewellery dish
Image of Jewellery dish
Image of Jewellery dish