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Image of Plate - Blue Pour Patterning No. 8

Plate - Blue Pour Patterning No. 8

Pour-patterning Plates have organic shapes and are pleasant to eat in at the same time work perfectly for serving fruits or snacks.

Each plate is unique and has a different shape and pattern from others in this series.

I make each plate by rolling out an individual slab to create an organic shape with a wild round edge. Several porcelain-slip pour-over in combination with several glaze pour-over create this water-colory, magical patterns.
One of the especial technical issues in making slab-built (non wheel thrown) plates is the fact that a slab of clay has a tendency to wrap based on its nature. The bigger the slab, the more chances to wrap either in drying process or in first or second firing. This is apart from chances of cracks. In order to avoid that, I have to pay enough attention that each single piece is drying evenly and very slowly from sides and the center, top and bottom using different tricks and techniques.

This item can be used for hot or cold food.
All works are essentially unique and will always carry the traces of the artist's hands and tools with them like a sculptural artwork. Therefore, carefully handling the item, washing with hands and not putting in microwave is highly recommended.

Material: Stoneware ceramic, porcelain

D: 23.5
W: 26
H: 1.7cm

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Image of Plate - Blue Pour Patterning No. 8
Image of Plate - Blue Pour Patterning No. 8
Image of Plate - Blue Pour Patterning No. 8
Image of Plate - Blue Pour Patterning No. 8